Quality and quantity

Always at the time, Magic suggests to you seeing some videos selected by our care. We shall try naturally to change them régulierement. They are available in black and white size RZQ It is a Polish size, to be able to read it you should so go on foot (internet and roads being cut) in the University deKrasnovskel for the adapter BMX46 which allows to convert them en16mm what was the nec the more extreme reactionary in 1914, the less serieusement they are for the size real video. Then I have only a single thing(matter) to be added: check visionnage.

Let us recapitulate: to download videos in a video file for example (original not?). Go(surrender) on the site www.real.com and to find download realplayerG2 free! To answer some questions. How some do not arrive there (mich-jeans for example) you have only has to click here. To do him(it) in a repertoire. Then once the file to download, the trow to install(settle) him(it)! Once this ended installation you have only to throw(launch) the video in double(copy) clicking its icone (on the hard disk!).