Cultural exchange MAGIC FANS / EXTREME REACTIONARIES BORDEAUX is retorted with full foot season 1997-1998. After contests ASSE-LILLE, BORDEAUX-OM, OM-BORDEAUX, meetings took place in Niort puique 5 Extreme reactionaries had made movement (occasion for the 9 MF to discover bars niortais). The final bouquet was without a shadow of a doubt contests PSG-BORDEAUX, NICE-ASSE and finally LYONS - BORDEAUX.

For the season 1998-1999 it is about twenty Magics who moved in Marseille to support the Ultranavies in a movement which one shall be able to consider of precarious. This same Magics went(surrendered) the next day to Stick for ASSE-CANNE: Extreme reactionary with a big U who(which) made a full box in a weekend!!!





It is inhabitant's of ordeaux minibus which came to discover the enjoyments of drill for ASSE-BEAUVAIS and were able to to appreciate holidays according to contest!

During the summer, 1999 of Magics made in Bordeaux for a tournament of football organized with the Ultranavies and Devils. One can note the presence of Boys of Parma. Our MF91's team took away(gained) " brillament " tournament!! All were able to to appreciate hospitality of Bordeaux and to make the teuf.
But opposite was true also with a team of Ultranavies(ultramarines) in Drill him(it) for the tournament anniversary(birthday) of Magics! Not managing to take away(gain) tournament footbalistique, they rabatèrent on the tournament in the bar but without connaitre any more of succés!
Ultranavies accompanied us also for the mythical movement in Marseille. Natives of Saint-Etienne it are returned also to contests in Bordeaux.
Exchanges accélerent with the return of vertss in D1.

Also the summer, 2000 was the occasion to see landing the Girondists in Isère for the tournament MF91, Magic went(surrendered) also in Bordeaux for the tournament of the UM.


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