What would be football and supporters(supports) without Kro??? Réponse:rien. This mythical and magic drink makes left complete of the movement Extreme reactionary, it is for it that it well deserved a small page.
Of colour ambrée, finely sparkling, she(it) in a sturdy and robust gout which ends by a bitter final. She(it) consumes without any moderation fresh(cool) (2°C). A small star is there to indicate that it is ready to be to consume. Kro does not drink, it samples. Of ailleur one can make competitions of tastings which can finish towards 30 bottles. They exist a foultitude of games having a report with the one that one calls of everywhere " THE KRO ". One can quote " Buz " or still " Quineto "
This drink rafraichissante has virtues medicinal recognized by the biggest specialists with notammment the purge of stomaches.
A successful movement is necessarily a movement flooded in Kro. That this accompanies the supporter(support) in all the parts of the country put off by France and by Navarre.

Here were 2 specimens of wild Kro whom we have pû to photograph at dawn in a bar. Magic moment, nature offers us miracles.
Finally we can make a brief historical reminder: Kro is brewed for more than 3-rd century. A last figure: 50 packs of Kro were bû in the premises for the contest of the ascent. Surprising not?

NB: We are anxious to indicate that regrettably we do not receive any pack of kro free for this page and that she(it) is there just for the " FUN ". However you can send of your which of KRO in the premises, one will be what to make it. And do not forget: