How to discuss one line

We created a salon IRC MF91. For those that do not know what is the IRC: it wants to say Internet Relay Chat, what allows to discuss (in writing) with the other persons of the whole world. Regrettably there was often no world. It(he) was so closed until persons motivated to assure(insure) durabilities the evening shows itself (Contact we on our e-mail). You can however acceder in the Channel extreme reactionary which regroups persons of quite horizons. I advise you quickly to go to make for it a tour: IRC EXTREME REACTIONARY

For it, you need an IRC software. I you advice(council) MIRC which is the most used at the moment. {MIRC}
To download him(it), click the link and follow instructions.

Then, it is necessary for you to configure him(it): you choose a pseudo... As far as the waiter(server), it is necessary that you the ajoutier in the list: " ADD ". We chose the waiter(server) " KEWL ". It is necessary so to put for the waiter(server) IRC, with the port(bearing): 6667. The channel is #ultra

For those that do not want or can not download MIRC there is another solution:
Go(surrender) on the site (to wait for a moment, the downloading of the rather long applet Java etant) .Pour the waiter(server) return, for the channel: #ultra, for the pseudo Oliv ' (not I mess around one can put the pseudo that one wants and a pseudo in her(it) stupid as Oliv ').

Here we are, it is everything for the configuration.


Remarks, propositions a single address:
For acceder the former(ancient) service of cat, to click here, I advise him(it) to you to give make you to a cores or the other one. You are almost sure to be quiet every only one without person to watch you or shit you!

PppppppppppppppMF91 CAT SERVICE