To the swindlers of colours





As you can you doubt it the MF91 was created in 1991 and yes. Treve of jokes. Let us turn(return) little behind. St-Etienne, mining city, city worker by reference (anything to see with the mentality " bourge " of Lyonnais), combattive as the teams which allowed the club to build up themselves its legend in the course of more or less glorious seasons.

St-Etienne's legend does not contain only the history of its equipe but that of sound antre:Geoffroy Guichard " the Green cauldron " and of this mytiques supporters(supports).

Why? Simply because of any time the city, the region and the country supported ardently the ASSE making of the cauldron a stage(stadium) dreaded with all, exasperant and frightening the opponents, boosting our players. Not of orgeuil of this magnificent hysteria, the 70s and the first-rate final (In the square posts!). The setbacks that we all know ( small secret funds) shall put a flat in the flight of the kop to start again of more beautiful during the season 85-86, assist season in D2.



In this time existed déja a group, the Fan Club. Create in 1983 at instigation of Christophe G and who makes a success of a time to appeal the kop North " Fan Club ". This one relatively organized was recognized with the ASSE, but sound not enough dynamism in the kop entrainera in 1988 the creation of another group: " Fighters " inspired by a group of Juve (Italian Model by exellence). This group was create by Bruno C and Oliveiro. Movement Extreme reactionary who is us expensive fact so its appearance to St Etienne but is still only has its stammerings with its premieres sketch of tifos (balloons, wax candles, flags). This group will live 3 seasons then disparaitra during the season 91-92. Traced on Italian model so well enough organized and taking out of the check matos not arretera its activities that for a simple reason: the pit steering of the group closing bit by bit on him even will neglect its adhérants. So before the death of the group, some of his(her) dissidents form the MAGIC-FANS, on the initiative of Beautiful JC notably, who would wish to give a new breath to north Kop and began to bring movement Extreme reactionary to St Etienne and absorbed " Green Killers " gone(taken) up by young people of Talau and of whom attempt in Stand the South at first, turned out fruitless